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What is the Bot?

What is the Bot?

Bot - a special program that communicates with your clients in real time. Bot is friendly, polite, responds instantly at any time of the day, and is never rude.
You can upload your product catalog, and after that everything else will be done by a bot!
Bot replaces the first cold contact with your potential client and helps to establish a relationship and gain trust.

Why you need an E-Commerce Bot?

Why do you need E-Commerce Bot?

Save your resources
You or your managers don't always need to be online - Bot answers for you instantly at any time
Higher sales conversion
People make purchases faster and payments with bots are smoother - this is like talking to your friend in a simple chat
Better customer retention
Bots have higher retention than websites and mobile applications because of the innovative interesting format. And they are not boring!
Higher open rates
Messages sent via the bots have a higher open rate than emails
More control for communication with customers
You or your managers can connect and talk with the client at any time
More data about your customers
Bot enables you to automatically collect statistics and quickly review the customer social profile
A more modern Seller image
Most young active users use social networks. Bots - advanced technology that gives your brand the image and the credibility of modern businesses
Your competitors are always near
If you do not jump on this opportunity - it could happily be your nearest competitor. Would you agree it is better to use a competitive edge first?
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What exactly does Shopybot?

  • Instantly replies to potential customers in the chat
  • It helps to browse categories
  • Offers relevant products
  • Redirects the customer to your website to complete a purchase
  • Updates the products catalog automatically
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Who is already using bots?

Bots are used by millions of regular users and business owners. For example, for Personal Assistance, Hotel Reservation, Booking, search and goods purchases. By using automated processes, businesses are expanding and this is why Chat Bots are one of the most attractive technologies for e-commerce.

Oh no! This is soooo hard!!

Is it difficult to create a bot if you are not a programmer?

Creating a bot is easy! By the way, no programming skills required:

  1. Registration - 1 click
  2. 1 click to create a bot
  3. Copy and paste a link to export products (one time)
  4. Connect to your Facebook page - 2 clicks
  5. Well done! Bot will start working in less than 5 minutes
How to create a bot for your store?

If you don't use WooCommerce

We created simple instructions how to connect other e-commerce engines to Shopybot

If you use another E-Commerce engine, please email us at and we'll help you connect
How to create a bot for your store?

Do you need something else to do after creating a bot?

No. Bot is completely independent program, it continue working when you continue using our service. Automatic product updates every 30 minutes, no additional actions needed. So we can say that the only thing you need - to extend service and enjoy automatic sales.